Gale Champion - Watercolor and Alcohol Ink Artist



Sunset Sail  Original Watercolor  framed 40 x 34                            Pumpkins for Sale  Original Watercolor
                                                                                                          16 x 20   SOLD

Delicate Landing  framed Original  Watercolor  SOLD
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Crystal Clear   framed  Original Watercolor  11 x 14

 Artist Statement  

    Simply stated, I love to paint, especially with watercolors.  As a child I was always coloring, painting or involved in some artistic project.  In school I was the student teachers always sought out for their artistic needs.  The spontaneity of watercolor makes it a real challenge and I welcome this challenge!  When all the many elements of a painting come together in exactly the right way, I have reached my goal of a beautiful painting.  Feelings and emotions are incorporated into each painting reaching out to the viewer to enjoy the work as much as I enjoyed creating it.  My varied subject matter includes landscapes, floral, people, and still life.  My representational watercolors express great passion for detail. Growing up in rural North Carolina gave me a love of nature that helps me interpret this beauty into my landscapes.   One goal is to pass on my passion and love of painting to the viewers.   I also do contemporary paintings.  These two different styles are dissimilar; however, the representational is looking at everything I see around me while the contemporary allows me to work from the inside out symbolizing an entirely different art form.  The base for my contemporary paintings infuses a unique technique of spray watercolors over webbing to produce an unusual and colorful background design. To enhance further, I often conceive and paint silhouettes finishing the story behind the painting.  I plan  to continue to improve, grow and create!  My determination and passion will allow nothing less.


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